Spring has sprung

There you go, blinked and a quarter of the year has gone! We've had some great gigs so far this year, plenty more lined up but we can always squeeze a few more in. If you are looking for a great band to entertain you, drop us an email if you'd like us to play your party, wedding, funeral (ok, maybe not the funeral).

We have managed a rehearsal this year, now that may not sound much of an achievement but believe us it is! Trying to get four grown men (obviously Charlie and Dob aren't quite fully grown) in the same place at the same time is no mean feat..... so hopefully there will be a few new additions to our repertoire soon.... keep an eye on the set list page for more details.

That's it for now, catch you at a gig soon..... If you really want to make three of us smile, ask Dob if you can have a go on his drums.... He just loves that.....

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