Managed decline

You'd think that life with Roundel would be a bit like one of those old films about The Monkees or The Beatles. We're all co-habiting in perfect harmony with Charlie working the door, Jim the Caretaker repairing everything that Justin has walloped and Loins prancing around like that stupid jester from rentaghost.

In reality we aren't quite that entertaining unless someone is running a Roundel dead pool. Jim has hurt his foot (tripped over wallet), Charlie's Campervan has seized up alongisde Justin's hip - both casualties due to age and over-use, and Loins has undergone cosmetic surgery to turn that frown from grey to brown. It cost half a crown.

If we were horses we'd all be at the Bostik factory by now and the van would have been laughed out of various scrapyards but, in the face of all this adversity, we soldier on. Giddy with the Christmas talk that has been forced upon us since August we will be gracing the stage at The Ainsty York this weekend. Assuming it has a stage. Following that we will relax back into our usual comfortable routine much like we do into our recliner riser chairs back at Roundel assisted living.

There was a bit of talk about new outfits and upgrading some of our gear but that seems to have fizzled out like a damp firework so anyone hoping to see Jim in front of a wall of speaker cabs will have to supply their own. His unwashed suit will still be sporting its usual DNA soup however.

This could have been summed up with a simple statement like more of the same next year but where's the fun in that? Nobody reads this anyway.

See you soon friends. 

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