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Nov 16, 2018:
And if you need some entertainment in the meantime- https://t.co/t82flOKPAA
Nov 16, 2018:
Roundel will be back next week in York- The super Acorn Rugby Club Saturday night. The fantastic Victoria Vaults Su? https://t.co/yvz6KeCjA3
Nov 9, 2018:
Next Gig, Sunday night at The Roman Bath York. Yay
Nov 7, 2018:
A huge thank you to James at W.C.M for the emergency van repair last Saturday. Lifesaver
Nov 4, 2018:
Thanks to The Ainsty York for having us last night. We can confirm that your smoke alarm works

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Nov 24, 2018 York, United Kingdom
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Nov 25, 2018 York, United Kingdom
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Dec 7, 2018 Ripon, United Kingdom
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Dec 22, 2018 Northallerton, United Kingdom
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Jan 19, 2019 York, United Kingdom
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Managed decline

You'd think that life with Roundel would be a bit like one of those old films about The Monkees or The Beatles. We're all co-habiting in perfect harmony with Charlie working the door, Jim the Caretaker repairing everything that Justin has walloped and Loins prancing around like that stupid jester from rentaghost.

In reality we aren't quite that entertaining unless someone is running a Roundel dead pool. Jim has hurt his foot (tripped over wallet), Charlie's Campervan has seized up alongisde Justin's hip - both casualties due to age and over-use, and Loins has undergone cosmetic surgery to turn that frown from grey to brown. It cost half a crown.

If we were horses we'd all be at the Bostik factory by now and the van would have been laughed out of various scrapyards but, in the face of all this adversity, we soldier on. Giddy with the Christmas talk that has been forced upon us since August we will be gracing the stage at The Ainsty York this weekend. Assuming it has a stage. Following that we will relax back into our usual comfortable routine much like we do into our recliner riser chairs back at Roundel assisted living.

There was a bit of talk about new outfits and upgrading some of our gear but that seems to have fizzled out like a damp firework so anyone hoping to see Jim in front of a wall of speaker cabs will have to supply their own. His unwashed suit will still be sporting its usual DNA soup however.

This could have been summed up with a simple statement like more of the same next year but where's the fun in that? Nobody reads this anyway.

See you soon friends. 

New improved Roundel

It's all change at Castle Roundel.

Since 2005 we have played around 500 gigs all over the UK to a largely positive reception. Except in Shildon - they really didn't like us at all. It always adds to our despondancy when a crowd refuse to acknowledge the band then applaud the jukebox as we're packing up. I guess that you can't win them all eh?

In the last couple of years our performance has been consistently good too. Partly due to our long apprenticeship but mainly because we have graduated to playing better venues with more appreciative audiences. This combination always makes for a better show and everyone is happy. Even Loins.

This has also thrown up a problem (albeit a nice one) in that we find ourselves very much in demand. Bookings for the next year usually start in July and finish in October so we have to disappoint many venues. 

So, we have decided to tidy up our image and improve our game. The music will retain its usual core of Jam, Who, Kinks etc. but will stick more rigidly to the Mod formula alongside the visual aspect of the band with era correct clothes and stage equipment. We will also be focusing on a slicker and better presented show.

The idea behind all of this is that we would like to play better quality venues that are more comfortable and suitable both for us and our audience. We want each show to be more of an event - properly presented & looking and sounding great. This may well result in a downturn in corner-of-the-pub gigs but we believe that it's the way forward as a worrying amount of these smaller venues have disappeared of late.

Our plan is to try the new formula in 2019 and see how it pans out so please be patient with us. If the Roundel experience suffers we promise that we will revert to our previous incarnation ASAP

So what do you think dear friends? 





Hi adoring fans... we have uploaded some material to soundcloud.. check out the links section of the website for more details....

The Big Time

Looking forward to playing

We are sat in Ramside Hall, excitedly waiting to play for Persimmon Homes function. Next week we are playing The Fleece in Northalllerton, home town gig :)

2014 looking busy

Happy New Year to all you Roundel Fans, our diary is filling up already with around 25 dates confirmed and more in the pipline.

We had a fabulous 2013,  playing some new venues and some old favourites, thanks for all your support.

Hope to see you at a gig soon, don't be shy, come and say hello and Jim might buy you a drink.....  oh my sides are aching !!!

*** Stop Press ***

We have just secured a date at The Alex in Harrogate, a fantastic venue that we havent played for ages....

Come and show your support and let Harrogate reacquaint itself with a great band!

Roundel are coming!!!

Thursday 3rd October 2013

New Venue in Darlington

We have a new venue in Darlington in which to entertain you, come and join us at The George in Darlington. We hope to see lots of you there!

Busy Summer

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us and we are thouroughly enjoying ourselves, last weekend we played at The Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Strensall and had a great night, followed by a similarly fantastic evening at The Golden Lion in Helperby.

Justin has decided that the other two drum kits he has just weren't loud enough, so he bought yet another.... Bigger....and yes, louder... He may have had 12 years off from drumming but he is detemined to make up for it!

Keep an eye on our Gigs, we have a few new venues coming up, in particular we dont seem to play the North East enough so we have a new venue for August Bank Holiday Monday, Aspire in Darlington!

We are ready to shake their rafters, hope to see you there


Hi Roundel Fans,

Due to diary confusion with The Normanby, unfortunately we won't be appearing there this coming Friday (May 3rd 2013).

Normal service will resume thereafter :-)

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