Roundel can be found belting out Mod / Soul classics in sticky carpeted pubs all over North Yorkshire and the North East.


From The Who to The Jam, The Kinks and The Rolling Stones we will always leave you wanting more! 



Dimunitive and introvert, modest yet insanely handsome, the oldest in the band, the one with most hair, the one with Comedy Tourettes, the one tasked with taking the limelight and the heckling - Charlie.





The most recent addition to the band, the drummer declined by Motorhead due to excessive noise, the man with spending habits to rival any Greek banker, always a smile on his face.... Justin Howe!




The grumpy looking bloke receiving no female attention to Charlie's left - and your right - making enough noise to loosen your fillings with the tatty amplifier is the guitarist Loins. Despite having the responsibilty of managing a largely unmanageable band and having to concentrate hard enough to be able to bollock offending musicians mid-song he remains an affable chap as he channels his aggression into his playing - which you may notice if you are unlucky enough to be stood right in front of him. If you ever see him smiling, its probably a grimace or trapped wind... either way it spells trouble......



Last and by all means least, in the dunce's corner, is the unflappable bass player - Jimmy Flexible. A man that is absolutely raring to stop. We believe that he actually descends from Royalty as - just like the Queen - he never carries any money. Timekeeping is his speciality - as soon as all the heavy kit has been carried into the venue he will appear as if by magic before embarking on a half hour adventure setting up his bass stand. After a short nap he will tour the pub depositing fliers and filling the astrays with banana skins before taking to the stage. You could be forgiven for thinking that this pre-gig routine (crouched onstage with his back to the audience) is merely the application of another coat of polish to the shiniest slip-on pimp shoes in rock but rest assured that he is merely warming up his thunderfingers (Entwistle adopted that nickname after hearing Jim play although he initially thought that the noise was a tractor dragging a piano up some concrete steps). Utilising the smallest bass amplifier known to mankind in order to avoid diverting attention from his cutting edge outfit Jim will take to the stage like a whirling dervish - delivering sweeping soaring bass lines, outrageous bass solos and a plethora of improvisation normally only heard at Ronnie Scott's (on bin collection day). Despite being a collection of very different characters and influences you will not hear excellent music being delivered with such passion and conviction anywhere else.


Miss this band at your peril. We are Roundel, and we mean business!




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